N & A has a modern, customer-focused organizational structure with knowledge organized by cells, supported, dispersed, and continuously improved through a project management office (PMO).


To ensure compliance with the quality, health, safety and environmental policies, as recommended by ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), N & A has developed the SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM and the QUALITY MANAGEMENT MANUAL based on the requirements of these three standards.

These documents are based on normative aspects, involving the determination of evaluation parameters that incorporate not only operational aspects, but also policy, management and commitment to the working environment.

SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMdescribes the HSE Management System, by establishing standards, procedures, plans and programs to be implemented throughout the organization.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT MANUAL describes the N & A’s Quality Management System, specifies policies, guidelines, responsibilities, procedures and records for performing all activities that may influence the quality and control of services performed with respect to client and employee satisfaction where N & A operates.

N & A established the Information Security Policy to guarantee availability, integrity, confidentiality and legitimacy of the information based on the following aspects:

File backup
As part of specific Quality System procedures, all backup activities are performed and monitored daily. Backups are hierarchical and structured from the simplest level, such as accidental deletion of a file, to the most complex level, such as a physical disaster of the installations.

Internet and email safety access
Internet access is centralized; hardware and software firewalling are used by monitoring all message traffic and web browsing content.

Access permission policy
Ensuring that only authorized users can access customer information by managing access rights to network information and folder structures.

Antivirus Protection
Centralized protection against viruses, including file and message monitoring. The server processes daily updates, each update is immediately forwarded to the workstations. Client files stored on servers are checked against viruses, the stations and the messages exchanged with the Client are verified by another system during the time of sending and/or receiving.

To monitor and keep all protection mechanisms up to date, the information technology team relies on a professional dedicated to the administration and monitoring of systems, continually improving proficiencies and enhancing security.

We know N & A’s greatest asset is the people who fostered the N & A team; our committed employees work as partners.

We believe that a good working environment is crucial; team work, confidence, professionalism and alliances are essential achieve results.

It is mandatory to have an organizational environment based on solid and ethical values where trust, respect along with sincere and open communication takes place between all involved – partners, employees, service providers, partners, suppliers, relationship network.

We believe that integrity is a fundamental standard of N & A conduct and is our focus to achieve results. Our commitment to the highest ethical standard begins with values, which we consider guiding principles.

The N & A Code of Conduct establishes guidelines for all N & A employees and partners with respect to an ethical and moral conduct adopted within internal and external business relationships, regardless of their duties, responsibilities and positions. The rules within this document applies to all locations and situations where N & A business takes place, and for all undertakings of the Company.

The Code of Conduct is an essential element in the development of N & A’s corporate governance process:

  • Adds value, supports the growth and constant search for excellence, and reaffirms N & A’s commitment to ethical conduct in internal and external relationships;
  • The Code of Conduct is not intended to restrict business development;
  • Has an educational character by presenting to employees what N & A expects in adherence of harmonic, and efficient relationships;
  • Provides a clear objective that is non-negotiable and guidelines that are immediately applicable;

The Code of Conduct is mandatory among our employees and should serve as a reference to our external partners. It is a dynamic document that provides for periodic updates.